Positive/Negative Magazine is a yearly collaborative publication from RIT's Editorial Design and Photography classes.


We are a group of twenty-seven graphic designers and photographers from Rochester Institute of Technology. Each year, our classes come together to make Positive/Negative. This year's newest volume was released on December 18th of 2017.


Mission Statement

Humanism is the school of thought that people share different experiences and beliefs surrounding various controversial topics in our society. The tenth edition of Positive/Negative aims to show how we, as humans, emerge and develop our needs and interests to relate to the people who surround us.

Philosophical and ethical understanding of human values serves as a basis of humanism; it is seen as a way to determine the significance between value and reason of how we experience and live our lives. It is based on human choice, and what we constitute as right versus wrong.

From our negative habits to our positive beliefs, we explore relationships between human needs and seeking ways of solving human problems. Our stories cannot be represented by one single motif or defined by one single thought. We are fluid, unique, and individual.

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