This volume is fresh with insight into the human experience, and strives to create a dialogue around how we cultivate our world and how we define ourselves as humans.

The release party for this year's edition will be held on December 18th, at Java's Coffee Shop on RIT's main campus. 


2017-18 Staff

Denis is a tenured professor of photography at Rochester Institute of Technology. He has lectured internationally and presented workshops for Yellowstone National Park, Zion National Park, Florida A&M University, and SPEOS: Paris. He recently returned from a year abroad in Greenland, where he worked on a personal project through a National Science Foundation award.

Denis has participated in over 30 solo exhibitions in galleries, museums, and cultural centers. He has been widely published and produced advertising and editorial images for such clients as UNICEF, National Park Service, Coca­Cola, Polaroid, Delta Airlines, Eastman Kodak, and American Express.


Editor in chief

+ Professor

Denis Defibaugh


Editor in Chief

+ Professor

Lorrie Frear

Throughout her teaching career, Lorrie has worked with and for many departments within CIAS, other colleges at RIT and other universities to create innovative and challenging collaborative experiences for students. In all of her courses, Lorrie emphasizes creativity, curiosity, conceptual and critical thinking skills, individual challenge growth and professionalism. 

Her interests in design and the visual arts are diverse and eclectic and include calligraphy, community involvement, design issues, contemporary lettering, packaging design and typography. Lorrie currently creates personal greetings with her own company, Underwraps.


Design Directors

Alexis Conners

+ Jhade Benitez


The art directors are the executives of the magazine and create the overall vision for the unique volume, coordinate staff meetings, critique photographer and designer work, lead fundraising, and keep the magazine on target and on schedule.


Design Directors

Lisa Castore + Izzy Bulling


The design directors are responsible for the entire design of the magazine and creating a style guide that reflects the direction and tone it will take. It is their responsibility to ensure that all specifications are met and offer feedback on designers' work.


Photo editors

Danielle Del Plato + Maridelis Morales Rosado


The photo editors are responsible for supporting class members in photography direction, selection and editing to ensure consistent image quality throughout the magazine.


Feature editors

Gaby DiMonte + Lily Nevins-Perle


The features editors work to establish a good balance and flow of articles and subjects throughout the magazine. It is their responsibility to determine the final sequencing of the magazine


Production Team

Emily Sharp, Chance Wright, Margaret Sommers


The production team manages all final physical production of the magazine. Their primary focus is working with RIT's Printing Applications Lab to ensure that all digital files are properly prepared before going to press. Additional concerns involve paper acquisition, communication with outside vendors, monitoring of file requirements, and production management.


Copy Editors

Chris Kayton + Andrew McMahon


The copy editors work with all class members and a professional copy editor to ensure that all written work is original, well executed, and correctly cited according to the Chicago Manual of Style.


Social Media Team

Sydney Liebman, Elkin Jaramillo, Jasmine Lenard, Meghan Marin


The social media team is responsible for translating the print magazine into engaging forms for web and social media promotion.


Contributing Designers + Photographers.


Emily Beagles, Becks Ashley, + Dasha Buduchina


Biagio Dell'iera, Oliva Edvalson + Nicole Langford


Dominick Mull + Julia Takatsuka